Favorite Etsy Finds : Retro Kitchen Edition

One vintage category I am a sucker for is bright, retro kitchen items. The shades of blue, green and orange, especially if they are contrasted with white, are my absolute favorite. I gathered some of my favorite kitchen finds around Etsy today from some great vintage shops. Enjoy!

Wore : Teal & Orange

Little things making me happy today:
-refilling my coffee mug little by little throughout the morning to keep it warm as I work
-being able to have the windows open and letting cool spring air into my house
-our freshly raked lawn, ready for lots of outdoor time
-that my chicken fajitas I made last night tasted just like Chili's (yes I like Chili's fajitas) 
-getting photo updates of our new baby niece taking baths or napping. She's already changing so much!
-the little thrill of possibility I get every time I walk into a thrift store

Recipes : My Pasta Salad

One of the regular staples Owen and I will have in the fridge each week will be a big batch of our pasta salad. It's such a simple thing to make, and uses mostly ingredients you already have around the house anyways. Whenever I know we are going to have visitors in town I will whip up a batch, because it is usually enjoyed by everyone and can be used for lunch or a BBQ dinner. We'll usually add tuna fish or avocado to give it a little more substance if its the main course, or will just have it as is for a side dish or afternoon snack. There's so many different variations you can make, but I figured I would share my basic recipe here for those interested. It is adapted from Owen's family recipe. 

Vintage Inspiration 13

Image Source Blouse Pants Bag
Image Source Swimsuit Hat Sandals

New In The Shop 4/27

Some new items that made their way into the shop this week. Love the color palette : )

This and That : Around The House

Some photos of little details around the house lately. I'll be spending this rainy day organizing my office, drinking coffee and listing some new vintage. Love days like that : ) Hope everyone's weekend was great!

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Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week to bring you into the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. This bachelorette party looks so fun and relaxing. Girl time is the best!
2. I am getting the New York City bug this week, it might be time for a visit. I love spring in New York, especially those blooms in Central Park. A bike ride like Naomi took would be perfect!
3.  So excited for Andrea's cookbook to come out. Her recipes are always so unique and delicious. (Photo is of her spring roll recipe.)
4. A DIY blowout. Definitely worth trying.
5. Love Amy's style and the rich colors in her images. Very inspiring.

A New Arrival

It's been a little quiet around the blog this week due to an adorable new addition to the family! Our brand new niece Hannah Jane was born on Monday night, and we are so excited. Owen and I drove down to New York Monday morning to wait with Owen's family for the call she had been delivered, and we could go see her. Nothing beats the new baby smell - I think I sniffed poor little Hannah's head about thirty times. Such a happy day : )

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Around Here Lately

my afternoon run view yesterday
Stretchin in the sun

More photos after the jump >

Coffee Date

As previously written about here, Owen and I are big fans of daytime coffee dates. Today's date agenda included some very exciting activities, including the following - 

1. Walking around exclaiming for the 100th time that day how happy we are that its warm and sunny and green.
2. Playing around with the new camera, stopping once in awhile for a passing car or if we think someone is looking at us and we feel awkward.
3. Using our free giftcard to Starbucks we got from my dentist for an amazing coconut milk iced vanilla chai tea latte. Big plus here, they spelled my name right - score one for the Kristins with an "i"!
4. Checking out all the new blooming plant life finally coming into action in Burlington. And that are slightly attacking me via my seasonal allergies. But so beautiful anyways so its all good. 

Yep, we're old weirdos. But I love it! Sometimes its the little things am-I-right?

Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week to bring you into the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. I've been hearing so many great things about acai bowls, and think I may try the idea with this smoothie bowl first. I make a smoothie on most days, and this is a great way to mix it up and add even more delicious / good for you ingredients.
2. I ordered this book an Amazon this morning, and can't wait to dive in. Check out Chris's website here to see what he's all about.
3. 10 spring trends this year.
4. An artist's pastel home tour.
5. 20 photography tips and tricks. Owen and I have been so into figuring out our new camera and different ways of shooting with it the past couple months. This list has a huge amount of tips to try out.

Wore : Vintage Striped Cardigan

Today I read a post by Emily that really struck home with me. She talks about the impact of a positive response in your daily conversation, i.e. answering the "how are you?" question with something other than "super busy" or "so stressed". I've thought about this many times, especially after I go on about something mundane such as how I have so many bills this month and see the other person's eyes glaze over. Everyone has bills, not just me, so why would I think someone else would want to hear about that? Answering with a positive response instead, like how I hit a goal with my sales or had a great run that day turns the conversation in a much better direction, both for me and the other person as well. Not that there's not a place for a little support for others when you're feeling down, but I'm going to work on incorporating more of this in my daily interactions. Anywayssss. Serious stuff guys. I couldn't let go of this vintage striped cardigan I found recently, so I kept it. And now I love it. And want to wear it with everything. So comfy and perfect for spring! Maybe with a floral dress next time?

First Hike Of The Season

Owen, Kelly, Grizzly Jack and I took our first hike of the season yesterday. It was the perfect day outside, and we discovered a new hike around a small lake in Essex. The fresh air and the smell of the trees is just what I needed after a day spent inside. Definitely looking forward to lots of hikes this summer : )

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Weekend Recap : Half Marathon and Besties

Morning stretch
Nervous walk in!
This weekend was the Unplugged Half Marathon that I have been blabbing about for the past few months. My sister Kelly and I were lucky enough to grow up with another pair of sisters our same age who were our best friends, and remain our best friends today. They came up to run the half marathon with us for a little "girls weekend", and it was such a great time having the four of us together (a rare occurence). We all stayed at my house, had a little get together afterwards with some great food, and watched a chick flick with mimosas that night while we iced our knees. Let me just say, ouch. I am so proud of us all though, each one of us ran the whole thing without stopping to walk once. Although two hours and twenty minutes is not a record breaking time by any means, if you had asked me three months ago if I could have run that long without stopping, I would have said no freakin way. It feels really great to have set a goal and accomplished it. It also feels great now to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and move as little as possible. Hope your weekend was great!
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Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week to bring you into the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. A rum, ginger and watermelon cocktail that looks super tasty.
2. I love seeing the portfolio work Cocorrina does for her clients, especially her logos. So talented!
3. A 1971 Shasta camper makeover. Definitely would love one of these for summer : )
4. I love peeking into other people's lives for the day, and especially into those who work from home. I know, I'm weird. Elise's workday was fun to see though, that is one busy lady.
5. Free People's blog has some great user shared photos, and this roundup was just really fun to look at.

New In The Shop 4/9

New arrivals this week to the shop
*For my awesome blog friends out there, until April 17th you can use coupon code BLOGLOVE at checkout for 15% off your order as a thank you for following along ; ) 

Wore : Seventies Vibes

Since it snowed last night in Vermont why do I live here again?, I pulled out my faux fur vest I thrifted this winter and paired it with high waisted denim and plaid for some seventies vibes. I've had family in town for the past week, so the house is feeling a little empty right now and we're missing everyone! Trying to get some spring cleaning done this afternoon, list new vintage and take a short run in preparation for the half marathon Saturday, ah! Hope your week is going great : ) 

This and That : Weekend Recap

our first 60 degree day of spring - spent almost entirely outside with family visiting
post-run smoothies

More photos after the jump >

Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week ( a little late) to close out your weekend. Happy Easter!

1. Five steps to help you become more confident.
2. Inthefrow's purple hair is just too cool. If I could pull that off I would fer sure.
3. This little family birthday party story is so sweet.
4. This palm beach house with its white walls, wooden accents & pops of color is perfect!
5. An Easter Brunch menu that can be used anytime.

Quoting - Positive Thinking

Photo from a walk with my sister by the lake last week.
Something to think about as you start wrapping up your week. I have been trying to ingrain this quote into my everyday actions this year, and so far I really feel like its been working. Positive thoughts, even though it is not always easy, really do attract better, more positive things. Changing the way you think about things can make huge changes in your life. I have a bad habit of complaining about trivial things sometimes, and getting caught up feeling sorry for myself, when really I have it pretty darn good. I'm so much happier when I just stop myself, change how I am approaching the subject in my mind, and let it go. Everything always seems to end up working out in the end anyways. Has anyone else had any luck with this? I'd love to hear about it!

Wore : Vintage Indian Batik Blouse

In honor of it being the first day of April, I thought a springy flowy blouse was in order. I love this vintage Indian batik blouse because its one part hippie and one part boho - a favorite combo of mine (duh). I've had it for a couple of years and still am just in love with the print. 

Spending the day listing new vintage, shipping out orders and then a hike outside later on. Hope your first day of April is great!
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