Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week to bring you into the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. I always love watching what's going on during each Fashion Week in New York City, and Happily Grey always looks so effortlessly cool. (happilygrey.com)

2. If, like me, your favorite thing about watching the Oscars is seeing all the beautiful dresses coming down the red carpet, you're going to want to check out this history of Best Actress winner's dresses by Millay Vintage. (millayvintage.com)

3. I've been thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe each season like Caroline. She comes up with so many cute outfit combinations! (un-fancy.com)

4. Also planning on trying to make this macrame yarn garland this weekend to brighten up my office. So adorable! (abeautifulmess.com)

5. Love seeing all the fun outings Love Taza's little family goes on. They are so cute! (lovetaza.com)

How To : Thrifting 101

As a regular thrift store shopper, I figured I'd share some tips with you on how to successfully navigate your local store! A large majority of my wardrobe comes from thrifting, which is great for a girl on a budget who still wants quality clothing. Hopefully it helps or inspires you to get out there and score some deals ; )

Vintage Inspiration 5

Image Source Blouse Skirt

Image Source Blanket Sweater Bag

Wore : Lauren Paul Knits

My bestie Lauren, who is a super talented designer and knitter, sent me a birthday package with this awesome knit hat yesterday!! I love the fit, as it stays on easily but is not too tight or constricting like a lot of my other hats feel. The yarn is soft and comfy too, not scratchy. Thanks Lauren!

You can check out her shop HERE

OldSchoolSwank Website Launch

Its been a busy couple of weeks around here. Between more restaurant shifts than usual, visits from high school friends, and lots of work projects it seems like time has flown by! We got back last night from a weekend in Albany, NY for Owen's sister's baby shower (pics coming soon ; )), and it feels great to be home and able to dive into some new projects. Which brings me to an exciting announcement -

The OldSchoolSwank online vintage boutique is up and running! I have spent the past few weeks putting a lot of work into it, and am so excited to share it with everyone. It has a long way to go, but you can now easily shop vintage on a different platform. This site will not replace my Etsy shop (I love Etsy!), but rather will serve as another place shoppers can go to browse items in a different way and get a better feel for the OldSchoolSwank brand.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, and stay tuned for many fun updates coming up!

This and That : Around Here Lately

Half marathon training - I'm very slowly being able to run longer distances. Its feeling great though! *Also, I've been listening to THESE podcasts to pass the time, so worth checking out.
New (to us) vintage accordion peg rack for Owen's many many hats.
Been getting back into the sewing game this week.
One of the previously mentioned sewing projects - 50's style high-waisted knit shorts. Can't wait to make them in so many other patterns and colors!
An organized mess of thread colors
Lots of new vintage being added to the shop tomorrow! Hope you're having a fab Tuesday : )

Shop Talk

Editing photos and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Just a normal Friday : )
Organizing inventory
Pretty hangers my mom found for me that came in a variety of pastel colors. So special feeling!
Some of my fashion design / sewing / crafting book collection. Oh and a vintage Cats book too.
I organized my shipping area a little more today, trying to get the process as streamlined as possible. My brother and dad made me the white wooden tape box for Christmas and its awesome. Still trying to find that perfect corner table though...
I hope you all have a great weekend and a fun Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Sale

15% off everything in the store from now until Sunday. Check it out! 

This and That: Barns, Babies and Chili's Margaritas

This weekend Owen and I went to visit our good friends Allie and Travis from when we lived in Lake Tahoe, CA. They live in New Hampshire now, and were in Vermont this weekend staying at their family's condo in Stowe (about 45 minutes from us). Allie had just given birth to the cutest of babies a little over two weeks ago, so we couldn't wait to meet little Hartley Madrid. The boys went skiing all day Saturday in the fresh snow (and saw a moose!), while Allie, their aunt Carolee and I hung out at the condo with Hartley. 

You forget just how TINY newborn babies are until you are presented with one to hold. I may have slightly panicked for a second (they are just so wobbly!) but once I got used to holding her I didn't want to give her back. That newborn baby smell is just the best isn't it? Ask Owen - I made him smell her head about five times until he stood his man ground and wouldn't do it anymore.

Holy Moly is she a lot of work though. Around the clock constant feeding, burping, sleeping, diaper changing then feeding again. Allie is a natural though and is such a great mom already!

The barn above was from our snowy drive home on Sunday. Stowe is full of red barns and houses that are built to look like red barns, its such a cozy ski town. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

squinty snow eyes
I mean, does it get any cuter??
Sister margaritas earlier this week after checking out apartments all morning and workin' on business (please excuse my snowy hat hair, whatcanyado it's Vermont)
I had to capture the light in my dining room - every morning after it snows and the sun starts shining, the light is so great in there! Such a cozy place for breakfast.

Happy Weekend!

My sister Kelly and I devouring lunch this afternoon after a two hour thrifting adventure.
Its Friday! Even though I usually work on the weekends, I still love the feeling you get on Friday afternoon. Like there are so many possibilities for fun plans. I plan on getting some work done on the shop, visiting friends of ours in Stowe to meet their new baby, and a lil' of this ^^^ : Feet up, good snacks and Gilmore Girls. How about you? Happy Weekend everyone!

This and That : Around Here Lately

It's been so darn cold that I have to make myself get outside for a little bit sometimes. I went on a run with a friend through Shelburne Farms the other day (when it was slightly warmer) and just getting out and breathing the fresh air put me in such a great mood. I think cross country skis are definitely going to be next winter's investment for Owen and I.

Side note: If you haven't noticed, I have one pose, and one pose only. Awkward smile, hand on hip. #ohwell 

My sister and dad came to visit last week so they could finalize plans on a lease for her new chiropractic office. She graduated in December, and decided with her fiance that Vermont was where they wanted to be. I could not be more excited, it's going to be so great to have her around! She's spent the last few years at school in Georgia so hopefully all this snow isn't scaring her off. 

^We had french toast with strawberries, banana and walnut for breakfast one morning, delish.

We had a tree in our backyard that was starting to block too much sunlight from both our yard and a neighbors, so they hired a company to come and cut it down. It was a huge tree, and we live in a pretty tight neighborhood, so to see the process they had for cutting it down was pretty impressive. It basically involved one guy being strapped onto a huge crane, climbing the tree, securing straps around it, and cutting it in half. Then the crane controller raised the tree above the house (scary!) and down onto the street, avoiding power lines as he went. It then got slowly chainsawed apart and placed into the wood chipper. It was pretty cool to watch the team of guys work together so quickly, they seemed to barely even need to talk to each other during it.

My dad working on plans for Kelly's x-ray room build out. It's pretty handy to have a dad who pretty much knows how to make / build / fix anything. Thanks Dad!

My mom and sister were awesome and gave me a jar of homemade deodorant from the batch they had made last week. I was so excited to try it, and it seriously works well. I had been trying out Tom's brand deodorant lately in an effort to get away from the aluminum in normal ones, but it didn't quite work for me. Quite frankly, I stank, and I am not usually a "sweaty" person. This worked so much better though. Once I steal the recipe from them I'll share it!

^I love the Yogi teas, such great quotes on each teabag to make you feel a little better about life.
"Love is an infinite power"

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