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It's been so darn cold that I have to make myself get outside for a little bit sometimes. I went on a run with a friend through Shelburne Farms the other day (when it was slightly warmer) and just getting out and breathing the fresh air put me in such a great mood. I think cross country skis are definitely going to be next winter's investment for Owen and I.

Side note: If you haven't noticed, I have one pose, and one pose only. Awkward smile, hand on hip. #ohwell 

My sister and dad came to visit last week so they could finalize plans on a lease for her new chiropractic office. She graduated in December, and decided with her fiance that Vermont was where they wanted to be. I could not be more excited, it's going to be so great to have her around! She's spent the last few years at school in Georgia so hopefully all this snow isn't scaring her off. 

^We had french toast with strawberries, banana and walnut for breakfast one morning, delish.

We had a tree in our backyard that was starting to block too much sunlight from both our yard and a neighbors, so they hired a company to come and cut it down. It was a huge tree, and we live in a pretty tight neighborhood, so to see the process they had for cutting it down was pretty impressive. It basically involved one guy being strapped onto a huge crane, climbing the tree, securing straps around it, and cutting it in half. Then the crane controller raised the tree above the house (scary!) and down onto the street, avoiding power lines as he went. It then got slowly chainsawed apart and placed into the wood chipper. It was pretty cool to watch the team of guys work together so quickly, they seemed to barely even need to talk to each other during it.

My dad working on plans for Kelly's x-ray room build out. It's pretty handy to have a dad who pretty much knows how to make / build / fix anything. Thanks Dad!

My mom and sister were awesome and gave me a jar of homemade deodorant from the batch they had made last week. I was so excited to try it, and it seriously works well. I had been trying out Tom's brand deodorant lately in an effort to get away from the aluminum in normal ones, but it didn't quite work for me. Quite frankly, I stank, and I am not usually a "sweaty" person. This worked so much better though. Once I steal the recipe from them I'll share it!

^I love the Yogi teas, such great quotes on each teabag to make you feel a little better about life.
"Love is an infinite power"


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