A Morning Neighborhood Walk

Yesterday morning I woke up to the sun shining and a temperature I could walk outside in without a coat. Obviously, this put me in a GREAT mood. Around this time of year I start getting pretty antsy for nice weather and just sunshine in general. I grabbed my camera and my coffee and went for a long walk around my neighborhood and down to the lake. Maybe I have been watching too much Fixer Upper (can you watch too much Fixer Upper? #loveChipandJoJo), but I found myself on the lookout for cool houses and special details. I'm always surprised by the amount of brightly painted houses around my neighborhood, which really does make for a more cheerful look especially during these grey winter months. There is now snow covering the ground again here in Burlington (boo), so this post will serve as a reminder for me that spring is on its way. Whoo!

Vintage Style Icon : Colleen Corby

Colleen Corby is a fashion model best known for her work as a teen in the sixties and seventies. She modeled in many magazines and fashion ads, as well as department store catalogs (such as JCPenneys). Colleen was a staple in Seventeen magazine in the sixties, becoming somewhat of an icon for American teenage girls. After starting research on Colleen, I realized she was in many of my favorite vintage fashion images I had saved already. She has a great casual, confident way of pulling off outfits that makes many of the vintage clothes she wears look fashionable even today. And adorable hairdos! If you'd like to check out more of her modeling photos, I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to Colleen. 

See my past Vintage Style Icons HERE and HERE.

Around Here Lately

An early birthday present from my parents : )
A find originally destined for the home shop, but may just need to stick around. I'm realizing quirky colorful art is my jam.
The cutest vintage dress, in need of a good soak and then headed to the shop next week!
My sunny neighborhood.
At-home workout gear, for when I am good and get my butt in gear. My favorite quick workout is my Beach Babe video set.
A thrifted JCrew blouse waiting to be worn this spring.
Sparkly vintage brooches headed to the shop soon.
I have been having so much fun with this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Fantastic crafting possibilities.

Happy Weekend : Favorite Links

A few of my favorite links from this week to bring you into the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. The Swedish home of a collector. I love how organized all the collections are.
2. Will definitely be buying one of these shirts, a collaboration between two of my favorites - Jess Lively and Natalie Dressed.
3. I will be making these cream cheese frosted carrot cake cookies this weekend for sure.
4. The cutest little family vacation to Australia.
5. Have an empty notebook? Here's a few ideas of what to do with it.

Coach 1941 Fall '16 Collection

I finally got a chance to catch up on all the New York Fashion Week shows today, and am so happy I did. I always love seeing what amazing collections come out of all the craziness during the shows each fall and spring. The clothing and the energy of the events give me inspiration for my vintage hunt in a different way than anything else does. I was in New York this fall to soak in some inspiration, and I wish I could have made a trip down for this one too. The collection that has been my favorite so far is Coach 1941. The skirts, the plaids, the patchworks blouses; everything! I've shared some of my favorites, but you can check the full show out, and the rest of the designers' collections, HERE.

A Snowy Rainy Tuesday

Today I:

Took photos of new vintage
Listened to the new Being Boss episode
Went to the grocery store, was very strong, and bought no junk food and lots of veggies
Did a load of laundry
Listed new items with Gilmore Girls on in the background
Admired the good job I did decluttering the basement yesterday and the carload of items going to the thrift store
Texted a little with a friend
Enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while watching the snow/rain come down outside
Got overly excited when I realized it was Tuesday and there is a new episode of both New Girl and Fixer Upper on tonight. Score!
Went to ship a few orders and realized my printer was out of ink. Unscore.

How about you guys? Hope your day / holiday weekend was great!

New Arrivals

It was a busy week for OldSchoolSwank and OldSchoolSwankHome, with a ton of new items hitting the shop. Its been awhile since I've had a shop update post, so here's a little peek into what was added the past few days!

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