This and That: Life Lately

Hot yoga with a friend Sunday morning, then balancing it out with an eggs benedict pizza brunch with mimosas. You've got to make sure you're not getting too healthy all at once ; )

I was invited to a sewing/pizza/craft girls night last week, and I whipped out my first throw pillow! (the little nugget on the right) I like how it adds another Scandinavian style pattern to my bedding. I'm planning on trying another one out this week in a matching pattern. 

On a side note, I am now realizing how much pizza I have eaten lately.

In New Hampshire, after my friend's baby shower, singing karaoke before eating some killer Thai food out. I'm pretty sure my voice permanently damaged everyone's ears, since I belted out some T-Swift with all I had. Isn't her house beautiful?

Babysitting for my husband's cousin. Toddler snuggles and watching reality TV after he goes to bed. Not a bad deal : )

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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As a thank you for visiting my new blog (seriously though, thanks!), I am offering readers a one-use-only coupon code to take 15% off your order in the vintage shop until Christmas! Use code BLOGLOVE when checking out to receive your discount. Hope everyone has a great weekend : )

Tuesday Inspiration

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Overalls have been on trend for a little while now, but I still love the way they are so casually cool. Like "oh, these old things? I have had them since seventh grade" type of cool. 

Check out some vintage options here, here and here.


All pictures by Julia Backus
Every year I get older I appreciate the friends I have more and more, and realize how lucky I was to have such a core group of friends growing up. I've been besties with my friend Lauren since I was three! (the hot mama on the bottom left). A couple weeks ago one of my best friends from high school got married, and I was a bridesmaid. With much of our friend group together at the reception, traveling from Oklahoma, Boston and elsewhere, it was so great to fall right back into our old, laughing, crazy silly ways. Definitely a spirit booster, and so amazing to see two people so in love starting their life together : )

This and That : A Busy Tuesday

Early morning sun coming in through the front door always puts me in such a great mood.

A messy, but productive, office space.

My favorite little houseplant that just keeps growing and growing (and a yard that needs to be raked).

My bouquet from my best friend's wedding a couple weeks ago, still looking beautiful.

Retro art gets me every time. Borderline ugly? Makes it even better!

Chia seed pudding. That's right, Pinterest, I DID make one of the recipes I pinned. Hah. And it was awesome. And awesomely easy. You just mix the seeds with coconut milk (I used a coconut/ almond blend) and a little vanilla and let it sit overnight. The next morning, its like tapioca pudding for breakfast. Just add a little fruit : )

Oversized sweater

sweater : thrifted scarf: sewn by me jeans: thrifted Lucky Brand shoes : Kenneth Cole Reaction

Oversized knits? Yes please! Especially when I ate a Chipotle burrito bowl for lunch ; )

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Tuesday Inspiration

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I've been loving pops of bright color in interiors lately, especially when the rest of the space is a neutral. So bright and cheery, without being too much.

Leapard and leather

Jacket: ANA pants: Gap 1969 shoes: Dansko Scarf: old

Leather jacket and leopard scarf? Perfect fall combo.

Since the husband and I actually have a night off together, I am off to order some Chinese and pick out a movie. Yes, we are that exciting : )

Quoting : Simplifying

I just ordered The Power of Less by Leo Babaura from Amazon, and just in the first chapter alone
have hit so many "aha" moments. I am trying to simplify certain things in my life, both in my business and in my day to day, in order to get the most out of my time and be the best I can be. (That just got really corny, didn't it?) I think we can get pulled in so many directions nowadays that it can be difficult to focus on just one thing at a time. Sometimes I even feel guilt when doing so, as I am not "multitasking." But I think to accomplish a lot, you need to really focus on each small step along the way, figuring out what is unnecessary and letting go of those things, and honing in on what is important. Happy Monday everyone! 

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