Quoting: Long Term Goals

I have been trying lately to focus on the big picture, or more the long term plan, and not what I am achieving just in one day, or even a week. I find that it has really helped me to slowly whittle away at goals I have set for myself without becoming too overwhelmed or frustrated. Writing daily to-do lists alongside long-term to-do lists has really been a big component of this, instead of lumping them all into one. If anyone has any other suggestions for me, please share!

Tuesday Inspiration (on a Monday) : Faux Fur

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As promised in my last post, my inspiration this week came from these lovely ladies wearing their faux fur. Such a great, statement-making look for winter, and it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. 

Check out a vintage option here!

Weekend Recap : Winter Wedding

Reception at the Old Lantern in Charlotte, VT
This weekend we attended the wedding of one of Owen's good college friends. The reception was held in a beautiful barn-like building, with white light strung everywhere and pine tree branches decorating much of the room. It was a beautiful, Christmasy wedding, and we danced our butts off. 

*Side note: dancing with a glass of red wine is an extremely difficult thing to do and takes much more skill than I apparently have. Sorry, wooden dance floor, hopefully they mopped you afterwards.

I wore a white cropped faux fur jacket over my dress, and let me tell you, it was the coziest thing I have ever put on. Check out my next inspiration post, because watch out, I am now obsessed with all things faux fur.

Snow Day

My friend Jackie and I made ornaments last month, and thought it would be funny to have one only say "hark". We were right, its hilarious : )
It is snowing like crazy today in Vermont, and the husband had a snow day from school. We are hunkered down in the house working on projects and putting finishing touches on our tree. I love quiet days like this : ) Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!

Tuesday Inspiration : Mexican Embroidery

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I am obsessing over Mexican embroidery lately, especially in home goods. I mean, how cool is that throw pillow? I might try to make my own version later tonight, as we are about to be snowed in for a day or two.

Happy Weekend

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Owen and I got our Christmas tree this afternoon, so we have a big Friday night planned of decorating the tree and watching the new Bill Burr special on Netflix. Hard core party-ers over here, people.

Looking for something fun and Christmas-y to do this weekend? Try out this fun DIY project. I made some a couple weeks ago and they turned out pretty darn close! Hanging those babies up tonight front and center.

Happy Friday everyone!

This and That : Around the House

An outdoor plant brought in for the winter. Crossing my fingers I don't kill it like a few plant friends of his before him. Also some new pictures I finally got around to printing out.
A stained glass lamp I found for 3 dollars at Goodwill. It adds such a cozy light at night time.
Mexican painting I found in Saratoga while thrifting with my mom a few weeks ago (do I thrift too much? Probably)
Clementine season is the best season.
Cherishing any bit of sunlight the Vermont winter will give me. 
Still unpacking from Thanksgiving. I feel like we brought half our belongings with us for three days.
It's been a busy but good week around here. Lots of cleaning, cooking, planning, working, shop-listing, and shipping. I am still slowly getting the house decorated how I want it, it takes a while! I am trying to find things I really, truly like, instead of just filling the space with whatever I have. Also the winter months bring a lot more cookin' for this family of two. I just feel much more inspired to try out new recipes when I am stuck inside out of the cold. Maybe I will share a few of my favorites soon ; )

OldSchoolSwank Vintage: New in the shop

Here's a little update on some fun new items in the shop. Remember to use coupon code BLOGLOVE for 15% off your order up until Christmas ; )

Tuesday Inspiration(on a Wednesday) : Winter knits

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Loving a grey neutral knit for winter. You can pair one with anything and it adds a bit of coolness.

Particularly feelin' this one from Free People and this one from Anthro.

Ugly-but-Awesome Christmas Sweater

I picked up this JCrew holiday sweater at the thrift shop last month, and I love it. It's got the right amount of Christmas corniness but in a mellow, wearable way. So here are a few pictures of me freezing my booty off on the porch, why is Vermont so COLD?!

Looking for options for your upcoming ugly Christmas sweater party? Check out this, this and this ; )

Thanksgiving in Plymouth

nerd alert!
the snail throwing culprits
We spent Thanksgiving this year in Plymouth, MA with Owen's family, which is a very fitting place since the first (first!) Thanksgiving happened there. Since there are about 25 people and 5 dogs, they rent a big house within walking distance of the beach, which is a nice escape after eating far too many turkey sandwiches. 

It's fun to look for crabs, find pretty rocks or to check out the seals basking in the sun on their rocks. It's also fun to throw snails at people while sitting on top of a snail-and-moss covered rock for half an hour, as the little troublemaker on the left did. Whatever floats your boat, ya know?

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