This and That: Barns, Babies and Chili's Margaritas

This weekend Owen and I went to visit our good friends Allie and Travis from when we lived in Lake Tahoe, CA. They live in New Hampshire now, and were in Vermont this weekend staying at their family's condo in Stowe (about 45 minutes from us). Allie had just given birth to the cutest of babies a little over two weeks ago, so we couldn't wait to meet little Hartley Madrid. The boys went skiing all day Saturday in the fresh snow (and saw a moose!), while Allie, their aunt Carolee and I hung out at the condo with Hartley. 

You forget just how TINY newborn babies are until you are presented with one to hold. I may have slightly panicked for a second (they are just so wobbly!) but once I got used to holding her I didn't want to give her back. That newborn baby smell is just the best isn't it? Ask Owen - I made him smell her head about five times until he stood his man ground and wouldn't do it anymore.

Holy Moly is she a lot of work though. Around the clock constant feeding, burping, sleeping, diaper changing then feeding again. Allie is a natural though and is such a great mom already!

The barn above was from our snowy drive home on Sunday. Stowe is full of red barns and houses that are built to look like red barns, its such a cozy ski town. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

squinty snow eyes
I mean, does it get any cuter??
Sister margaritas earlier this week after checking out apartments all morning and workin' on business (please excuse my snowy hat hair, whatcanyado it's Vermont)
I had to capture the light in my dining room - every morning after it snows and the sun starts shining, the light is so great in there! Such a cozy place for breakfast.


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