Coffee Date

This morning Owen and I braved the cold weather and decided to go for a walk downtown since it was so nice and sunny outside. For those of you who haven't been to Burlington, our downtown go-to is called Church Street Marketplace, which is a blocked off brick street lined with fancy restaurants, cute boutiques and cozy cafes. During the summertime its completely filled with people walking around, street performers playing guitar or violin, and on the weekends lots of different festivals. One of our favorite things to do is to grab a cup of coffee at a table outside and people watch. Let me tell you, you see some good stuff. And some weird stuff (I'm looking at you old hippie man with no shirt). But mostly good stuff. Lots of cute babies and dogs too : )

During the wintertime its still pretty fun to walk around, you just have to brave the brain numbing cold wind. There's white twinkle lights in all the trees and people bundled up going from store to store. Today we decided to do a winter version of our summer activity, and sat upstairs in a bagel shop drinking coffee, eating egg sandwiches and people watching from the window. OK, after writing all this I now realize we sound like creepers. We aren't the only ones who do this, are we? Maybe we need to get out more...

Anyways, it's been great having Owen home more lately, as he spent the last five months student teaching in a middle school as well as working at a restaurant four nights a week. Between both our jobs some days we barely saw each other, and I missed him! I'm glad to have some husband hang time back (and also to have one who's not nodding off every time we talk because he's so tired!)

Lots of shipping to do tonight and listing some new items, so check in with me at the shop!


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