Wore : Vintage Striped Cardigan

Today I read a post by Emily that really struck home with me. She talks about the impact of a positive response in your daily conversation, i.e. answering the "how are you?" question with something other than "super busy" or "so stressed". I've thought about this many times, especially after I go on about something mundane such as how I have so many bills this month and see the other person's eyes glaze over. Everyone has bills, not just me, so why would I think someone else would want to hear about that? Answering with a positive response instead, like how I hit a goal with my sales or had a great run that day turns the conversation in a much better direction, both for me and the other person as well. Not that there's not a place for a little support for others when you're feeling down, but I'm going to work on incorporating more of this in my daily interactions. Anywayssss. Serious stuff guys. I couldn't let go of this vintage striped cardigan I found recently, so I kept it. And now I love it. And want to wear it with everything. So comfy and perfect for spring! Maybe with a floral dress next time?


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