The Arctic Tundra

Yesterday Owen and I headed down to the lake at sunset dressed in every piece of warm clothing possible, since it was the windiest, coldest day ever, but also really beautiful out. And for this reason you won't see my face in any of the photos because I was NOT about to take off my gator for a photo. Yes, the struggle was real. On a side not how cute is my gator? My sister made us all one for Christmas because she's superwoman and finds time to sew after spending long days being a chiropractor. Impressed.

Anyways, we had just had a long day of driving in the car, stuck behind snowplows, so it was nice to get outside in the fresh air. We had a couple very ungraceful slips on the ice, and then an icy wave splashed water onto our camera lens, but other than that it was all good. Haha. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and I am happy to say after a bit of a hiatus I am back at this whole blogging thing, and happy to be doing so! Thanks for checking in with me : )

Puffball! ^^^


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