Oh my New Years Resolutions. Usually so short lived. But what the heck, I'm gonna try again and keep it simple this year. They are all based around routine, which I really feel like I need to establish in my daily life in order to reach the goals I have set for myself. Here we go:

1. Establish a regular fitness routine

Real original, right? I, like many others, just joined a gym but I feel great about it! I find myself getting antsy in the afternoon and I think I just need to be more active. More energy? Better bod? Yes please!

2. Establish a regular daily routine

Since I work mostly from home (unless I am waitressing), I find I do much better and accomplish much more if I stick to a routine and map out my days. Then I am far less likely to get lost in blog-land, Pinterest or puttering around the house.

Any suggestions would be welcomed! Anyone else make any resolutions this year? Good luck if so!


  1. Great New Year's Resolutions! Routine is a great theme and great to practice. My suggestion is to write down whatever the new routine will be and schedule it as it could be a work or school schedule.


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