My Daily Routine

As I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post, my goal for the year was to establish daily routines. Working mostly from home and trying to build my own business means I have a TON to do, but no set out schedule like in most jobs. I can wake up when I want, do work whenever I want, run errands when I want. Which is awesome, and totally a huge motivator for me to even be doing this in the first place. But I found that throughout this past fall (which is when I decided to really go for it) I felt like I was running around in circles every day, kind of keeping up but knowing I could do more. I also felt like I needed to fit some healthier activities in my life, like working out, yoga and more time with friends. It's easy for me to get stuck in the house because I can entertain myself fo' days, no prob.

So lately I have been scheduling out my days, and prioritizing things I wasn't before. And I feel GREAT. For example, I usually hit the ground running when I wake up in the morning; heading out to thrift shops, packing and shipping orders, and taking photos. So by two o'clock, I would begin to feel a little restless. This week I have been heading to the gym around this time, both as a break from work and a way to get some of my restless energy out. Totally working! I come back refreshed and ready to get started on the next project. 

I have a long ways to go to get my routine down (and let's be serious, I will never want a strict routine, that's just not me!) but I feel like I'm on the right track. I love to hear about how other people schedule out their days, so if you feel like it let me know how you schedule yours!
Happy Thursday : ) 


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