Weekend Recap : Halloween and Puppies

We had such a great holiday weekend. Owen's sister and her fiance visited, and my sister, her fiance and some other friends came over for a Halloween party Saturday. We were "winter princesses" after a failed attempt at wearing our wetsuits to be scuba divers. Let me just say, wetsuits are not flattering on land, and very hot. We sat on the porch with "Thriller" and "Monster Mash" on replay, drinking sangria and handing out candy to so many cute trick-or-treaters. My favorite costumes have to go to a little girl in a big hat and frilly dress, dressed as a "fancy lady", and another little girl who constructed her own (opening) refrigerator costume out of a cardboard box. She had little hand drawn foods on the inside, which included a bottle of red wine (hah).

Other than that, we took a few walks down to the (very chilly) lake, enjoyed some movie time at home on the couch, made some Halloween candy and then puppy-sat our friend's dog Monkey on Monday. It was hard not to steal her. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


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