Friday Thoughts : Alone Time

Today I woke up knowing that I had the whole day to myself; to work on my shop, go to the gym, thrift a little and see where the day took me. No one expected anything of me, I had no previously made plans, and I felt great. I love waking up like this. 

As I've grown older I have realized more and more what an introvert I really am, and I cherish time with me, myself and I. Luckily I have a husband who understands this and lets me do my thang when I need to. I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to rumble afterwards.

Of course you always need a balance, and I have been recently working on balancing out my much cherished alone time with some good old fashioned friend time - making weekend plans for yoga and brunch or calling a friend from home. A girl needs her girlfriends am I right?

Happy weekend everyone!

Side note : I was apparently the last person to figure out how amazing New Girl is, and since discovering it two months ago have watched all the seasons on Netflix twice. Love. It.


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