This and That : Summer Schedule

Since Owen and I are both working mostly nights right now (and I like to work on the shop in the evening most of the time), we can usually get outside during the afternoon to enjoy some of the Vermont summer. This afternoon we hit up Oak Ledge park once again, our favorite spot right near our house, to catch some rays, jump very quickly in the cold water and eat our lunch. The air was warm and breezy, and there were a ton of those little cotton ball looking things floating around (that's what is in the first picture, crazy right?) Its so nice to break up the day that way, especially after spending a lot of time cooped up inside my office the past couple days. Sometimes I wonder what everyone else's daily schedule looks like, and if it changes much during the summer like ours does. Hope you can soak in some sunshine today too, and share your summer routine with me if you want! : )


  1. Amazing post dear!


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